Chile Book Kelly Urig

About “The Chile Chica”

Let’s break the ice a little.

There are two things (make that three things) in life I have endless passion for:

• Filmmaking. Especially documentary work that focuses on food, culture, economic and social issues.
• Writing. Often times writing as I eat that take shape in the form of scripts or blog posts.
• Chile. I am obsessed with all things New Mexican chile.

When I am not working on my own and other creative projects such as filmmaking, writing scripts or a foodie book, I work in the New Mexican film industry striving to constantly learn more about the medium and all aspects of the industry. Along the way I earned my bachelors of arts degree from the University of Denver and received my master of arts in television, film and media production from San Diego State University.

If I’m not writing about food you can catch me at several eateries around New Mexico or follow along on my blog for my latest foodie adventures.